Regulatory Tasks

The Danish Coastal Authority carries out a number of regulatory tasks for The Danish Ministry of Environment, including the administration of legislation concerning the coastal protection or sand dune conservation zones and the Danish territorial waters.

The present Danish coastal zone management is a result of a great effort made to involve all relevant authorities in the administration of the legislation in the coastal area through hearings.

Coastal Protection and The Danish State’s Sovereignty Over Territorial Waters

In Denmark, the Coastal Protection Act, which is based on the first Dike Act of 1874 and subsequent on the Coastal Defences Act of 1922, regulates coastal protection.

Since the first of September 2018, the administration of legislation concerning coastal protection belongs under the local authority.

The Coastal Protection Act regulates coastal protection and other types of terrain changes along the coast and is based on the same principle as earlier acts, i.e. the landowner is responsible for protecting his own property.

Through the administration of the Coastal Protection Act, coastal protection is allowed to the extent that properties are threatened by flooding or erosion caused by the sea and that the protection can be allowed on the basis of a number of considerations, including the consideration of nature and recreational interests.

The Coastal Protection Act also includes provisions concerning Danish territorial waters i.e. if solid constructions are required in Danish territorial waters, power cables, marinas, anchor buoys, etc., the Danish Coastal Authority needs to give permission upon request.