Living Laboratory Skodbjerge

The living laboratory Skodbjerge is located along the Danish North Sea coast and has been chosen as living laboratory because it is located on the stretch of the coast where the Danish Coastal Authority is responsible for the coastal protection though a Common Agreement between the stat and the local municipality.

Skodbjerge is fairly well protected by dunes, several dune enhancements and a vast hinterland only disturbed by a smaller number of vacation homes congregated in a couple of areas. Through the hinterland a recreational path runs as illustrated on the figure. It is intended for cyclists and pedestrians. The hinterland is not in need of extensive protection given that it is a natural landscape with an untouched advancement. A main road runs parallel to the coast line.

The dunes, as can be seen on the figure, have several wind-scoured breaks resulting in an increased sand drift inland. The dunes are steep with a plateau of the enhancement immediately behind.

The video below shows how the living labotory is placed along the Danish North Sea Coast:

It is evident that dune enhancements have been carried out several times at Skodbjerge since 1980. The exact placement is not known.
Previously beach nourishment was performed at Skodbjerge but in recent years shoreface nourishments have been performed instead. This is because shoreface nourishment can be carried out with considerable lower-cost compared to beach nourishments.

The table shows coastal protection measurements implemented at Skodbjerge since 1980.