International projects

One of the core tasks of the Danish Coastal Authority is to provide guidance to citizens, authorities and politicians regarding, amongst other topics, coastal dynamic, coastal protection methods and climate adaptation.


Building with Nature

The objective of BWN is to demonstrate how coastal protection with the aid of natural processes can be applied to enhance the robustness of the coasts in regards to flood risk and coastal erosion in the current and future climate. The focus will in particular be on sand nourishment and dune protection.

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The main objective of FAIR is to optimize the climate adaptation effort by looking at alternative solutions to the current flood protection. Dikes and sluices must be constructed, renovated and maintained with a cost-effective approach while taking into account the environment and humans. The project will build upon experiences from seven other North Sea countries and a number of research institutes and universities.

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The objective of FRAMES is to optimize the recovery processes after a severe flood and to develop tools to aid the planning of effective climate adaptation strategies. The experiences from FRAMES will provide the municipalities with the tools to develop comprehensive risk reduction plans and also contribute to recommendations for the municipalities and other relevant stakeholders in regards to planning and executing the recovery processes.

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