EroGRASS projekt

A large scale test dike was in 2008 build in the Coastal Research Centre, Hannover in Germany to test the impact of waves and water on the grass cover on the dike, which has to fulfil the main function of protecting the dike body against erosion due to wave attack and currents.

The figure shows the cross section of the dike model.

The Danish Coastal Authority participated in the project and the two concluding reports.

Two reports

The first report includes a description of the design and construction of the dike model in the Large Wave Flume, the measuring and observation techniques and the test programme together with examples of records from the performed tests.

The second report of the EroGRASS project includes a description of the performance of the dike model tests, the results and the conclusions concerning the large scale tests. For this, the results and conclusions are based on observations of grass erosion events during all tests.