Numerical simulations of acute dune erosion under storm conditions


As a part of this project the Danish Coastal Authority (DCA) are doing research on different subjects in coastal laboratories on Danish coasts.

Coastal dunes are natural barriers protecting the hinterland for erosion and flooding under extreme events like storms. These natural barriers are often exposed to storm conditions where a combination of high wave energy and elevated water levels are capable of producing acute erosion of the dune system. Significant acute erosion occurred to the coastal dunes at Skodbjerge in January 2007. This erosion event is investigated through a morphological analysis of good profile data before and after the storm period and by numerical modeling of acute erosion with the MIKE 21  IG model.

The aim of this project is to test and use the new MIKE 21 IG model to quantify the dune-strength against acute erosion and see how this correlates with coastal state indicators (CSI).

Hent PDF: Building with Nature: Numerical simulations of acute dune erosion under storm conditions with MIKE 21 IG, Skodbjerge, Denmark

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